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Sunday, July 5: Follow Christ Fearlessly (Matthew 10:24-33)




Sunday, June 28: It's Harvest Time (Matthew 9:35-10:8)




Sunday, June 21: Mercy - Why God Rubs Shoulders with Sinners

(Matthew 9:9-13)




Sunday, June 14: Build on the Solid Foundation of Christ

(Matthew 7:15-29)



Sunday, June 7: Blessed by the Name of the Triune God

(Numbers 6:22-27)




Sunday, May 31: The Holy Spirit - Working Behind the Scenes

(John 16:5-11)

Sunday, May 24: Be Confident in Jesus' Prayer for You (John 17:1-11)

Thursday, May 21: Where Is He Now? (Luke 24:44-53)




Sunday, May 17: Called to Live for Jesus (John 14:15-21)




Sunday, May 10: Show Me the Way Home (John 14:1-12)




Sunday, May 3: Whose Voice Is in Your Ear? (John 10:1-10)




Sunday, April 26: Our Risen Lord Gives Us Hope (Luke 24:13-35)




Sunday, April 19: Proof and Peace (John 20:19-31)




Sunday, April 12: In Christ, We Are Victorious (Colossians 3:1-4)




Other sermons are available on our website. From the homepage, click on God's Word and then "Sermons."

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